1450 mAh battery; call auto-recording; flashlight; FM radio with built-in antenna; camera
1,77'' (160 x 128) TFT QVGA
SIM type and quantity
Dual SIM (microSIM + mini SIM)
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
Li-Ion, 1450 mAh (removable)
Phone book
500 contacts
SOS button for emergency calls
programmed for 5 numbers
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After 56 years, Tokyo will again become temporarily the capital of the Olympic Games. The program of the Olympics in 2020 will be replenished with five new sports: baseball, surfing, karate (a tribute to traditions), skateboarding, rock climbing. MIRAITOWA was chosen as the Olympic mascot – a symbol of respect for the traditions and modern innovations of Japanese culture. Our new model also has an Olympic character, transmitted by the previous model – Basic.  The leadership qualities of the phone filling for its price have been tested by consumers since 2018, since then more than 15,000 units have been sold. And in the coming 2020, the model will repeat success and become the undoubted leader of the new generation of the Comfort 50 line.
The phone case is made in the classic design of a button player – large keys with a contrasting font and a soft stroke. The phone is equipped with basic functionality, which is enough for daily use: making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS messages, setting an alarm, using a calculator, creating events in the calendar. The features of this unit is the presence of: an LED flashlight, which is turned on and off by an independent switch button on the right side of the phone, an integrated antenna that allows you to listen to FM radio without headphones. SOS buttons on the back of the case for making calls and sending SMS messages to five programmed subscribers in case of emergency (the function of sending emergency SMS can be turned off in the settings). In the privacy settings, there is protection against unauthorized access to the phone book, call and message logs, etc.
Comfort 50 HIT2020 is equipped with a 1.77-inch diagonal color screen with a resolution of 128×160 pixels, three types of alphabets are provided on type keys – Ukrainian, English, Russian. The phone allows you to be in touch simultaneously with two mobile operators thanks to the support of two mini-SIM cards of the GSM standard. To download and store files, there is a microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB. Wireless image transfer and sharing is provided by the integrated Bluetooth module. Phone book Comfort 50 Basic allows you to record up to 500 contacts in the phone’s memory, assign your own ringtone and SMS. The phonebook settings also include speed dialing, adding unwanted contacts to the black list, recording contacts to existing groups, as well as creating your own contact groups. The autonomy of the device provides a removable battery with a capacity of 1450 mAh. This charge is enough for continuous communication for 10-11 hours in a row, and in standby mode – up to a week.
The Comfort 50 HIT2020 with SOS key for emergency cases is a great phone option for both the elderly and schoolchildren.

• 1450 mAh battery
• call recording
• flashlight; FM radio with built-in antenna
• camera
• 1,77'' (160 x 128) TFT QVGA
SIM type and quantity
• Dual SIM (microSIM + mini SIM)
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
• 1450 mAh
Phone book
• 500 contacts
• Alarm clock
• Calculator
• Calendar
• EBook
• Stopwatch
• Bluetooth 3.0
• Voice recorder

Sigma mobile company guarantees a high quality and faultless functioning of their devices upon conditions of careful usage and considerations of exploitation rules.

After the expiration of device’s service term, we advise you to contact the Authorized Service Center for preventive maintenance and receiving recommendations for the further exploitation of device. In order to prevent possible misunderstandings, it is preferable to keep the documents that are attached to the device upon its sale (sale receipt or cashier’s receipt, instruction of exploitation, warranty card) during the service term. A warranty card establishes warranty liable for device to the extent, provided by the Law of Ukraine On protection of consumer’s rights.

Warranty conditions

  • A warranty provides free repair or replacement of the device during the warranty term. Warranty service is only provided in the presence of a valid warranty card and fiscal check.
  • The renewal of software is a technical maintenance of the product and is not considered as repair and thereforeis not a valid reason for a replacement or a refund;
  • The Periodic service of device (replacement of batteries, cleaning, etc.) is carried out by request for an additional fee.
  • The warranty term for main devices and accessories is set by Sigma mobile with reference to from the date of device’s sale (look at Table 1).
  • Service term is established by Sigma mobile company in reference to the date of the device’s purchase (look at Table 1).
  • Warranty service is provided exclusively at  Authorized Service Centers in Ukraine. The sheet of service centers may be changed



Warranty terms

Service term

Mobile phones series X-treme Main deviceEighteen months

Three years

Mobile phonesMain deviceTwelve months
TabletsMain deviceTwelve months
Action camerasMain deviceTwelve months
Bluetooth headsetsMain deviceTwelve months
Accessories and batteriesRechargeable batteries (including built-in types)Six months

Two years

Memory cards, cables, headsets and other accessories and parts, which don’t requare to disassemble the mobile device in order to replace.

One month

Table 1

The manufacturer shall not bear warranty obligation regarding the device in the following cases:

  • Violations of rules and conditions of exploitation, adjustment, installation of device, described in the User’s Manual and other documentation, which is transported to the consumer in the complete set with the device;
  • If mechanical damages have occured after the transfer of the device to the consumer;
  • The ingression of inappropriate items, liquids, insects, etc. inside the device during usage;
  • Device’s operation in conditions of excessively high or low temperature, surrounded by high humidity, high dust content;
  • Making schematic-technical, design or software changes, not approved by the manufacturer;
  • Repair or modification of device, performed by unauthorized persons;
  • If the damage is caused by the use of non-standard and/or non-qualified expandable materials, charging devices, spare parts, batteries, electronic media, software products that were not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer;
  • If the damage (defects) is caused by the action of computer viruses or similar programs;
  • If the damage (defects) is caused by non-compliance with standards or technical regulations of the power, cable, telecommunication networks, radio signal power, including features of the relief and other similar external factors, usage of the device on the edge or outside of a network action zone, connection to inappropriate or defective external devices;
  • If the defect occurred due to natural wearing down during the exploitation of the device. In this case, natural wearing down is understood as the consequences of product’s operation, which caused the deterioration of technical status and appearance due to long-term using of this device;
  • If the damage of LCD pixels of screens does not exceed 0.0005 percent of the total quantity of pixels on the screen (according to the ISO 9241-303)
  • The occurrence of force majeure (natural phenomena, fire, lightning, etc.).


The manufacturer shall not carry warranty obligation:

Under no circumstances are the manufacturer or its authorized organizations for unusual, incidental, direct or indirect damage (or losses), including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss or inability to use information or data, expenses of recovering information or data, damages caused by interruptions in commercial, manufacturing or other activity, arising in connection with the usage or inability to use a device.

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