The Ukrainian brand Sigma mobile was founded by a team of enthusiastic experts in the sphere of IT-equipment, telephone industry and radio communications over 10 years ago. Our mission is to create unique products for the Ukrainian gadget market, which would not only take into account the desires of IT equipment users, but would also be  reasonable in terms of quality and price.

We were the first to  introduce  a domestic mobile phone in  the Ukrainian market, generally for senior usage, and even came up with the title  «grannyphone», which was well adjusted  to everyday conversations.

We were the first to  introduce  protected mobile phones to the Ukrainian market, which are  not inferior to its costly international analogies, yet still remained affordable.

For today Sigma mobile’s range of devices  include: 

  • X- treme range is represented by protected mobile phones, walkie-talkies, smartphones – each one dust resistant and waterproof , easily withstands  accidental falls and mechanical damage. Such devices are ideal for travel, hiking and expeditions, fishing and hunting, construction sites and farms, courier services and warehouse premises.
  • X-style series include  stylish and elegant, phones, smartphones and tablets with unusual  functional features. Each model of the series has its own unique characteristics .
  • Comfort 50 series is represented by GSM phones with an SOS Function. Excellent devices for the elder generation and much  as for young students. The main advantages of these phones are big buttons and numbers on the screen, loud volume, logically-intuitive main menu and, of course, an absolutely irreplaceable SOS button in case of emergencies. 
  • X-sport series is powerful and universal – action cameras, powerbanks and other devices  for people, who find it important to be active «out of home».
  • X-music series sounds delightful  and is able to recreate  the trickiest tunes with protected wireless earphones and headsets. 

We also offer a line of  accessories that include screen protectors, phone cases, cables, sports and tourism items for all series of our electronic devices. 

Our main goal is to create  high quality and reliable products, taking into account the wishes of consumers and development trends in the area of world technologies with the best interrelation of price to value. The R&D division is constantly testing many new products to satisfy the needs of Sigma mobile’s brand ambassadors.

The purpose of our  company is promotion of Ukrainian products in society, sustainable development and strengthen of the national potential in the sphere of IT technologies.

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