We ensure complete informative, technical and service support for all of our customers.

If you have some questions, if you need consultation or assistance, please contact our Customer Service Support office. We are always happy to help you.

We provide both warranty support and non-warranty repair of our products at our Authorized service centers.



Warranty term and service term of Sigma mobile products

Device type Warranty termsService terms*
Mobile phones and smartphones series X-tremeEighteen monthsThree years
Mobile phonesTwelve monthsThree years
TabletsTwelve monthsThree years
Action camerasTwelve monthsThree years
Bluetooth headsets and earphonesTwelve monthsThree years
Rechargeable batteries (including built-in typeSix monthsTwo years
Memory cards, cables, headsets and other accessories, which don’t require to disassemble mobile device in order to replace.One monthTwo years

*Service term is determined by Sigma mobile with reference to from the date of the device’s production.


Transferring by Nova Poshta

You do not have to come to Kyiv to transfer  your device for repair. You can arrange a device transferring at a Nova Poshta nearby. For this, you need to perform the following conditions:

  • Make sure that you have filled out a warranty card from the seller.
  • Describe the problem in proper details and provide all your contact information for feedback (phone number, e-mail).
  • Rewrite or take a photo of IMEI codes, the serial number and the full model name of the device because this information will be necessary for you during further communication with the  Sigma Mobile Service Centre staff members and check in repair status of your device.
  •  Pack the device in convenient, transportable packaging, preferably the original one. It’s mandatory to attach the following package contents: battery separate from the device, if it is removable, USB cable, charging device, filled out warranty card with the sales receipt, the detailed description of the problem and your contact information.
  • Prepare a parcel at the nearest department of Nova Poshta to the recipient: SIGMA MOBILE LLC, Kyiv, warehouse premise No 17, tel. +38 066 463-40-47. Sigma mobile Service Centre shall incur only transferring expenses in the case of warranty repairs *.
  • Make sure that the product is in Sigma mobile ASC in a few days after sending it for repair. In order to do so, enter your device’s IMEI code or serial number in the search bar «Check repair status». If your device is not identified in the search, call the Service Center, using the phone numbers listed in Contact, or send a request to e-mail: service@sigmamobile.net.

*  In case of a warranty, the payment of the good’s transfer by Nova Poshta to the SC and back (subject to transferring «Department» – «Department») shall be at the expense of the service center. If the repair is non-warranty, the sending to the SC and back shall be at the expense of the buyer.


Non-warranty repair

We provide services of repair or replacement of parts of Sigma mobile devices after the expiration of warranty service period.

Our highly-qualified engineers will run diagnostics, eliminate disadvantages and perform the replacement of necessary parts shortly after the request and extend the term service of your device.



After repair is completed, the device will be stored free of charges in Sigma mobile Service Center in Kyiv for no longer than 30 calendar days (counting down from the day of notification about the repairment completion).

 If the device is stored for longer 30 days, a payment in the amount of 5 UAH/day shall be set unless otherwise agreed with the owner.

The highest term of phone’s storage is 120 calendar days. After the expiration of 120 days the device may be released for the discretion of Sigma Mobile Service Center.


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